Month-on-month family basket falls by $1,76

Month-on-month family basket falls by $1,76

By on Nov 9, 2016 in News |

THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) says the family basket has marginally decreased from $572,78 in September to $571,02 in October due to the slight decrease of prices of some basic commodities.


The CCZ consumer basket shows the cost of living for a family of six in a month.

The food basket decreased by $1,56 or 1,23% to $125,47 end of October from $127,03 in September.

Prices of detergents decreased by 20 cents or 1,7% from $11,75 to $11,55. During the period under review, the price of a 2kg packet of sugar fell to $1,85 from $1,91, while that of tea leaves went down to $1,73 from $1,88.

The price of cooking oil stood at $1,39 for a 750ml bottle from $1,46, while rice prices declined to $1,65 for a 2kg packet from $1,79, with bread now selling at 65 cents from an average of 78 cents per loaf.

Meat and mealie meal prices increased during the period under review, with the former rising to $4,20 an increase of 70 cents, while the price of the latter rose to $11,54 from $11,35.

Washing powder prices declined slightly to $1,41 from $1,45 for a 500g packet,while bath soaps and margarine remained unchanged.

Consumers have been facing challenges in purchasing goods due to low disposable income, although some retailers have managed to reduce prices of some goods and services to increase sales.

The Poverty Reduction Forum Trust has said Zimbabweans were getting poorer, while the middle class no longer exists.

The report shows that between 2014 and 2016 income earned through renting out accommodation decreased by 50%.

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